How Many Burgers Big Is Your Grill?

I realize this is a website about cool grill covers, but I wanna talk about how big your new¬†grill needs to be. Pretty funny when you go to Lowes or Home Depot looking at Grills… or even at the fancier BBQ grill stores… that when you read the sign describing the grill it will tell you how many burgers will fit on the grill.

This grill is a 20-burger grill, this infared is a 35-burger grill, or this mamoth is a 50-burger grill. Some of them are just downright huge. But, that led me to two questions when trying to figure out how many burgers big I wanted my grill:

  1. How big are the burgers that they are using for measurement? Are these standard burgers, White Castle slider size, or what?
  2. How close are these burgers together? I mean I need space between my burgers to flip them and not have them land on each other while I’m flipping them.

So, my advice – don’t worry about how many burgers big the grill size is because you will never, ever be able to fit that many burgers on your grill and cook with any sort of efficiency. In fact, if you have a 40-burger grill and you’re cooking 40 burgers on it, I don’t want one of your burgers.

Here’s what I would do instead…

Get the approximate size of your last grill and go bigger by about 10-20%. Who wants to go smaller. Make sure the new grill has the features you’re wanting, infared, rotisserie, side burner, storage, prep table, temperature guage, light, etc. While I want a bigger grill, I would give up some size to get the features I want.

To me, the number of burgers my grill will hold is somewhat irrelevant. When I’m having a party and I’ve got dogs and burgers going, I’m rotating out burgers, putting cheese on some, flipping others, taking off the ones that are done, putting on the new ones. I don’t need to cook 40 burgers at once. That’s too many for any one man to watch.

So, the next time you’re needing a new grill, go measure your old one, add 10-20%, pick out your features, and go. And, since this is a blog about cool¬†grill covers, make sure you set aside an extra $30 for a premium grill cover. You’ll never regret it.

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