How To Clean Your Gas Grills

Cleaning your gas grills is very important in order that you have a good working grill. This is to ensure that you are eating something from a healthy grill. It also ensures that your meat will be cooked well and it will not stick into the grills themselves. It will prevent your food from having the odor of smoke.

Here are some techniques that you can consider:

  1. You must make sure that you have a good brush for the cleaning. It must be something long. It will help you clean the grill very fast because it can reach even the hardest areas.
  2.  You must have some oil which you can apply to your grill using some rag. Use light oil which is recommended.
  3. Heating up your grill is also something that you can do in order that you can easily clean your grill. 

Grilling Tips

BBQ as it will be commonly known as well as grilling is one of US’s favorite for the hot months past times. The reason why grill? Grilling offers an opportunity to amuse family and friends. This is a stress-complimentary and relaxing method to prepare tasty nutritious meals on weekends.

 Preparing foods during the summer season on the stove as well as in the oven boost the heat within your house causing your cooling expenses to increase. To conserve energy and money really want to “fire up a grill.”

Consider putting on a heavy apron plus oven mitts that suit more than your forearm for safety while grilling. Never wear loose clothing.

Switch off the valves as well as store the grill aside from the home. If you want to shop your grill indoors, hang on until the coals tend to be totally extinguished. Burning charcoals generates carbon monoxide.

Have a great time .

Grilling a Good Burger

Even though it is winter time, many people can still use their grill during the cold months.  Grilling can be a year around thing in many states.  Whether you are grilling hamburgers, steaks, chicken or veggies, the correct techniques and ingredients will make the best food, especially with hamburgers.

First of all, look for good meat.  Try not to skimp and buy the cheapest ground beef you can find, try to buy a better grade of meat.  Also, it is helpful to mix two different types of meat together, like ground chuck and ground round, or even ground beef.  The fat content in one meat will help balance the other out and make it a juicier burger.  It also helps not to shrink up the burgers too small, as in the case of using only a cheaper ground beef with a lot of fat that grills away and leaves you with a tiny hamburger.

The meat can be seasoned with seasoning salts, herbs or spices, dried minced onions, etc.  Season them to your taste.  Some cheeses can also be added for an extra boost in the burger.  Cheese can always be added at the end of grilling as well.

If you are making sliders, try to make the burgers uniform in size so they will cook in the same amount of time.  Also, when making the sliders, use your thumb and push a small indention into the top of each burger.  This will help the slider to cook more evenly and not have a hump in the top of the burger when done. I hate when my sliders have a dome on them. Just press the middle with your thumb before they hit the grill.

It is helpful sometimes to buy meat in larger packages and make hamburgers ahead of time, freezing what you don’t need today to use at a later date.  One good tool for that is a hamburger press with freezer containers.  This allows you to make uniform sized patties and store them in freezer safe containers to pull out and use at a moment’s notice.

When grilling make sure you have the heat set at a medium temperature and not too hot.  Once the burgers are placed on the grill, close the lid and don’t open it for about four minutes.  Turn the burgers once and then repeat the process, not opening the lid for four minutes.  Then you can check for doneness.  If some people want their burger a little rarer, then those can be pulled off while the other meat continues to cook a little longer.  Be sure to let the meat set on a plate for a few minutes off of the grill before serving to allow for a juicier burger.

What Do You Do With Your Grill In The Winter?

It’s January. It’s cold. There’s snow, sleet, freezing rain. The prospects for the next 6-8 weeks… more of the same, but colder.

So, what do you do with your grill?

First of all… USE IT!! Wait for a day that creeps above freezing, and go out and use it. Cook some burgers, dogs, or some BBQ chicken.

Secondly, if you’re going to put your grill in hybernation for 2-3 months, then here are some tips for winterizing your grill:

  1. Clean it well. Get a grill cleaner/solvent from a grill store or hardware store. Get the inside clean. You don’t want to be cooking with last year’s grease and grime when you finally pull your grill out of hybernation.
  2. Clean the outside of the grill too. I use something like Windex or 409. But, you can also use a stainless steel cleaner.
  3. If there are any non-stainless steel spots on your grill, you might want to try this – get a can of 3in1 oil and put a rub some oil on those spots to keep them from getting weathered or rusted.
  4. If you have ceramic grates on your grill, take them in and store them in the garage. I don’t think they’ll crack in the sub-zero weather, but no use taking a chance.
  5. Take the battery out of your electric starter. Most people forget they have a AA battery in there and remember in the Spring when it gets all corroded.
  6. Turn off your gas tank. Just make sure it’s off. You don’t want any mosture freezing in the connection, expanding and contracting. I always turn off my gas and unscrew the hose.
  7. And, for Pete’s sake… put a Grill Cover over the top of your grill.  Make sure it is velcroed, tied, or whatever you need to do to make sure the wind doesn’t sweep up underneath and blow in ice and snow.
  8. Finally, wheel your grill to a location where it will get the least amount of exposure to the elements.

All in all… about 60 minutes worth of work to save your investment.

For those who live in the South… ignore this article… except for the cleaning part. Enjoy your grill year-round.

How To Grill Fish

I have to admit, I really suck when it comes to grilling any kind of fish. I have tried all kinds of fish – salmon, cod, orange roughy, etc.

I love seafood, especially ocean fish. I was at a friend’s house not long ago and he grilled fish that was unbelievable. It had a cracker crust and was perfect.  Since then, I’ve tried to duplicate what he did… failure.

  • Fish was soggy
  • Fish fell through the grate
  • Fish got burnt
  • Fish tasted like hamburger

So, I did what I typically do when I don’t know how to do something, I turn to YouTube and check out what they have to say.  I found the following video, and the results have been great. The video is in HD, so if you have a slower connection, you’ll want to change the resolution on the control bar from 720p to 360p.

YouTube Preview Image

Notice how he uses two spatulas to turn the fish. That’s a bit tricky. You might want to go get a fish basket.

If you’ve struggled like me to grill fish, watch the video above and knock em dead. I can’t hardly eat fish any other way now. I have tried orange roughy and halibut so far. I’m going for salmon and some shrimp on the ole BBQ next time out.